Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tears for Departures

Okuribito, better known by its English name, "Departures," had a great member turnout at La Jolla Landmark Theatres. We here at SDAFF are thankful for all of the members who brought friends to the screening, especially those who are now new members!

Incredibly touching with much insight into the Japanese funeral preparations, this film was beautifully shot and had a very convincing cast. Personal and deep, we watch Daigo Kobayashi (Masahiro Motoki) go from an out of work ceilist to a professional and gentle "Nokanshi" or "Encoffineer." His work touches those on-screen as much as those who watched the film yesterday evening.

Departures, as evidenced by last night's screening, takes the audience through the range of feelings we see expressed by multiple characters on screen. Smiles were to be seen, chuckles to be heard as well as quiet sniffles throughout the film. All in all, a wonderful member screening, and a film not to be missed!

What did you think about the film? Comment if you please!

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  1. If you plan to see this, be sure to bring tissue! Masahiro Motoki offers a powerful, charming performance, bringing so much dignity to the story. The way he handled his job, preparing loved ones for their "departure" was so touching, reminding us all of how precious life is.