Thursday, May 21, 2009

Treeless Mountain 1 of 5 Must-See Movies says Film Comment Magazine

Treeless Mountain directed by So Yong Kim was recently plugged by Film Comment Magazine as being a must-see film! In the article by Kirstin M. Jones she details how So Yong Kim, "Returns with her latest immersive exploration of melancholy subjectivity."

Treeless Mountain is actually inspired by So Yong Kim's experiences as a young child. "It's not autobiographical, but it's very personal," she says. Kim's mother divorced her father and emigrated to the U.S., leaving her children with their grandparents on a rice farm until they could join her.

The film is most beautifully shot without a musical score and often almost completely silent. And it is most wonderfully described in Film Comment: "The visuals are rife with patient close-ups of the children's faces and bodies, as well as rapt POV shots of things that absorb their attention: a street vendor's eels and crabs, a grasshopper cradled in Bin's hand, coins in the piggy bank. The measured pacing contributes to the unsentimental naturalism." Even Apple seems to think this film is worth seeing...

Come see our screenings of Treeless Mountain next Friday May 29th. There are 2 screenings: 7PM and 9PM at the Reading Theatres in the Gaslamp. Download the flyer here.

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