Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Huh? What's Her Name Again??

As a fan of Korean actress pictured above who is in BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE (soon to have limited release!) I wanted to blog about her. Not about my anticipation of the film, about her talents, about her fame as an Asian actress, but actually about her name.

So... this is JUN JI-HYUN I'm talking about.
But Hollywood won't call her that-- it's GIANNA JUN that they'll be talking about.

Could it be my interest in linguistics studies that causes my fascination with people's names, how they sound, how they're spelled...?! I don't know--but I'm always interested about a person's name--especially if it's something they create for themselves, in contrast to being named as a baby.

I personally don't like the fact that she chose a western name to promote herself at this Hollywood debut. I think her Korean name is fine-- it's not THAT hard to pronounce... is it?! There are, of course, reasons that actors create western names for themselves: for ease of appeal, reference... But to me, her new name takes away her "Korean-ness", and makes her seem like an Asian-American, or something. She already is fairly established and well-known in Asia- it seems to take away the already established image that she is known for to the fans that already know her.

What do you think?
Ji-Hyun --> Gianna Jun?

Either way, I'll just hope for her film to be successful.

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