Monday, June 29, 2009

LA Times says Miyazaki will appear at Comic-Con to present "Ponyo On the Cliff"!

Miyazaki is the artistic mind behind such films as "Spirited Away," and "My Neighbor Totoro"

His latest film which is being released in Theaters in the US on August 14, 2009 is "Ponyo On the Cliff"
The plot centers on a baby fish in the sea named Ponyo who wants to become a human girl. In pursuing her goal, she befriends a five-year-old human boy, Sōsuke.
We can't wait! And the opportunity to meet Miyzaki in person is just too great to pass up.

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  1. I've seen the subbed version and it's great, as you'd expect from Miyazaki!

    Did it say what days he will be at Comic-Con? I'd love to meet him too! :)