Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mr. Park's kind of girl

So I recently watched "Old Boy" again--internationally recognized Korean filmmaker Park Chan Wook's one heck of a twisted film from 2003. (it was my second time watching, after having endured only parts of it in my innocent highschool days)

I've also been hyping myself up about Park's new movie, Thirst, which will actually come to SAN DIEGO IN JULY! and since I've been seeing trailers, related pictures, etc, I felt like I've immersed in learning a lot about Park Chan Wook's style... specifically, the actresses!

The main actresses in both movies (Kang Hye-Jeong and Kim Ok-Bin) have the same, messy curls tugged into a ponytail at one scene, and they look exactly like each other! Only if I can get stillshots of the scenes. (wasn't able to find it online) the main actors, too, both big men with rather unkempt hair, dominating the screen with a brooding presence...
Kim Ok-Vin from Thirst (2009)

Kang Hye Jeong from Old Boy (2003)

I mean, obviously directors have their own preferences and styles that inevitably reflect in their artworks. But this was just something fun I wanted to share :] Pretty girls always make me jealous, I guess. I wonder what would be my "trademarks" if I were a director~ OH- I dunno- I'll accept any modelesque boys that would act for me :]

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