Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shu Qi?

Say hello to Shu Qi. She's my homegirl.

Yea right... Shimmy wishes. I actually didn't know much about her, until I found out that she was on the jury for 2009 Cannes that ended 24th of May.

What did she do so well that she gets to be on jury for Cannes?!?! How CANNES she CANNES?! (sorry)

No- of course this actress is a highly acclaimed woman from Taiwan. Her talent was recognized starting from Hou Hsiao Hsien's MILLENIUM MAMBO (a big name director... mentioned many many times in my film class too... but gotta have patience to watch his films!) and since then she's been in soooooooo many films from Taiwan, Hong Kong, visited Cannes a couple times as an actress in a film... countless, countless amount of good work she's done.

Yea, obviously she deserves it ;p (and she's frikkin gorgeous!)

So there you have it, Shimmy's homegirl, Shu Qi. Yeah, SHHHH is the new hipster name :]

- SDAFFShimmy

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