Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yao Ming Dynasty

Yao Ming, center for the Houston Rockets for the NBA is set to appear in the voicing credits of an upcoming Chinese movie, The Magic Aster. Yao will play the role of the father of the protagonist of the movie. It revolves around the narrative of good versus evil.

Joining Yao Ming in the stellar cast of the film are Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling and Hong Kong singer-actor Leon Lai. It is set to premiere this June 19 according to the China Daily Newspaper. Yao is no stranger to film work, having been the centerpiece of the 2004 documentary Year of the Yao as well as appearing in the Simpsons as himself. >>Gmoney

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  1. Yo!.... no Yao!!!.... no Yo!... no Yao!!!

    Its really cool that Yao is working in entertainment. He continues to be a giant symbol (no pun intended) for the Chinese people.