Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Asian American Film of the Week - Ocean of Pearls

Last week I introduced you to Kissing Cousins (if you had not known about it already). Now, for a dramatic turn into the South Asian-American world with the film Ocean of Pearls.

This film, which played at our festival in 2008, is the story of a young doctor who struggles with identity, the morals of medical practice and how he handles relationship struggles. The multi-layered plot breathes life into the audiences view of the complications that South Asian-Americans go through everyday.

The main character Amrit, is from two worlds (being a Sikh and a doctor) but seems to belong to neither. This complication causes a lot of heartache and at times wreaks havoc on his love life and his complex relationship with his father.

This film gets high marks for its dramatic maturity and its ability to handle complicated identity issues.

This film is getting theatrically released this year, for more info go to the official film website.

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