Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reel Voices Reunion

As the temperatures crest 90, the parking lots within miles of the beach are full, and the ChocoPies melt in your hand, not in your mouth... you know it's July. And when it's July, it's camera check-out time for SDAFF's Reel Voices.

To celebrate the first day of camera checkout, pizza was ordered, sodas were consumed, and we invited the illustrious alumni of Reel Voices to come in and give advice on what the '09 class should have been paying attention to over the past several weeks.

(Intern Holly Cramer looks on as alumni Roland Lazarte, Ali Tanaka, Ryan Medel and Joska Charles spin yarns about how difficult editing a documentary can be.)

Much of the advice centered on the editing of the projects... the part the students always seem to think it going to go easy, but can take days or weeks longer than planned. The universal advice was "don't procrastinate" -- advice that will serve them well in life, as well as in editing -- although some of us artistic types battle that advice even once we attain "instructor" status!

Some of the alumni used a little artistic license to exaggerate their instructor's reacton after seeing the first draft -- c'mon guys, it couldn't have been that bad! But all agreed that they were happy with their films upon completion, and the recollections of premiere day were great across the board.

Thanks to those of you that attend the screenings and support the films. It means a lot to the students, and we hope we leave you with a little piece of them, as well.

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