Thursday, July 16, 2009


Jini is in SEOUL, Korea!
So while I'm here, I'll do my best to venture in all the film related events happenings here and there in this tiny but vibrant city (a little too rainy and hot though ;p )
Few days ago, I was able to visit SEOUL INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL. It is their 11th year, and they feature films for youth from all over the world--including 2008 Taipei Film festival's winning documentary: We Are Flying, a documentary showing youth boys in juvenile halls learning how to unicycle and through it learning about the importance of friendship and love.
It was a small, but brightly lit venue with exciting Korean-Pop music playing in the background. After one screening, out from the elevator came out a bunch of middle/highschool students in their uniforms. They seemed to be having a lot of fun, being outside of school with all their classmates.
Directors paid a visit and held a talk session with the students. 2 directors of popular Korean romantic comedies-- Hellcats and My Girlfriend is a Tutor-- which SDAFF screened in our previous years.
I didn't realize that there can be so many films just for youth! I got to talk to the programmers too, and they feel the priceless value of the film festival through seeing children enjoy the films and them getting a chance to talk to filmmakers. Totally agreed!

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