Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August in Seoul-- even more eventful!

Wow- it has already been over a month since I've been in my long-time-no-see hometown of Seoul... And I've been totally amazed at how much film related events there are in this little but definitely mighty and creative city of Korea. Definitely "Dynamic Korea", as they say.

August is the month for Seoul's CHOONG-MOO-RO Film Festival, where films old and new, significant to Seoul and its friends' , are featured.

But before that-- something a little more unknown, a little more independent (lack o' money), a little more free spirited and grass-roots is Seoul's... FRINGE FESTIVAL!!

Held from August 13 - 29, it will feature not only films but also street performances of plays, music, and exhibition of arts and video screenings.

The venues will be up and down the alleys of Seoul's "Hong-Dae" -- an area where art students roam around, and hence, creates an atmosphere of creativity, youthfulness, and limitless possibility.

I'm definitely hoping to get a little taste of this FRINGE FRENZY!!!

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