Thursday, August 13, 2009

Walkin' the Fringes of the "Fringe"

So yesterday was the opening day of the Fringe Festival in Seoul (as I've mentioned in previous post) !!!!!

Jini on the streets of Hongdae, with a Fringe Fest banner that was on every other pole in the city.

Unknown reporters and camera team on the streets promoting The Fringe. Casual but very colorful outfits catch pedestrians' eyes.
A hip-hop / ballet style dance show I watched called "Club Romeo and Juliet", what R&J would be in modern time of Hongdae night club scene. Haha.

But most of all, the main office had such awesome decoration!

I was highly anticipating the fest, but went without knowing detailed info about the events that will be held. Maybe I was hoping to be surprised- but unfortunately, the opening day actually had lesser number of events (most importantly, no films showing). Still! I got the most out of it... by be in awe of their main office site, which was totally overthetop decoration-!! And the show that my friend spontaneously chose--turned out to be very entertaining and a party for us all! I knew things would turn out well when ones at the artsy fringy world. I'm hoping to catch more shows, ESPECIALLY FILMS, but at this rate of my schedules in Korea, I don't know if I'll be able to grace them with another attendance (ehem!!)
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