Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pet lovers- Travel freaks- Awkward humor junkies!

I just received an exciting email from the makers of an indie “furry film” that’s been to SF, Las Vegas, LA, NY… and that it will stop by San Diego in October!

ETIENNE is a story of Richard, a soft-spoken, insecure 20-something year old guy, and his pet hamster, Etienne. Although sporting an old-fashioned moustache, he is youthful and naïve with an honest heart. Sometimes he is too passive towards others, but when it comes to his hamster, he will let nothing harm the lil furry critter. To such caring pet owner, the news of Etienne’s chronic illness comes to him like his own death sentence. But he knows better than to just sit and cry about it. He decides to go on a roadtrip to show Etienne the beautiful and vast world. How romantic! But how far will they go? Oh I don’t know. You tell me how far they will get with just a bicycle and a backpack full of hamster food.

But it doesn’t matter—ETIENNE is a "film about the little things in life". Even if Richard and Etienne don’t get to see a whole lot, the little moments of their journey will make it equal one epic sized saga!

Be sure to scurry along! Come watch it at SDAFF this October!

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