Monday, October 12, 2009

SDAFF 2009: Movies I’m SUPER excited to see

So here is my list of movies I’m REALLY excited to see, so much so that I’ve already written them down in my planner. This is in no particular order:

BETWEEN THE FOLDS looks INSANELY cool. So Anthony was telling me that there’s a part in the movie where they’re trying to figure out how to fold an air bag into a car. And they can’t figure it out so they go to the origami geniuses. Freakin’ crazy. Who would have thought that origami could keep us safe?

ANIMATION: THE ILLUSION OF LIFE is always a great program. Sam Chen, our curator for the animation program, really knows what he’s doing. You’re not gonna find a better animation program than this. Loved THE VEILED COMMODITY – super powerful stuff, DEADLINE is freakin’ amazing, and SUBCONSCIOUS is so BEAUTIFUL. Definitely check it out.

ROUGH CUT is about this movie star who literally beats up his co-stars in fight scenes. His co-stars end up quitting and no one will costar with the guy. So he does the most logical thing: hire a gangster to be his co-star. But on one condition: they fight for real since the gangster doesn’t know how to stage fight. And then there’s supposed to be this love triangle around a girl they’re both fighting for. I’m pretty stoked about this movie within a movie. =)

ICHI is about this blind swordswoman who is searching for her swords master. Along the way, she gets caught up in a town that is over run by yakuza. She basically kicks ass and helps the town get their life back. Does she find her swords master? I don’t know, we’ll have to watch it to find out!

SCANDAL MAKERS looks super cute. I saw the trailer at the SDAFF kick off reception and totally loved it. And the poster is so cute! It’s about a talk show host who finds out he has an illegitimate child. And in the trailer I saw, he’s instructing his son to lie to everyone that they are actually distant uncle/nephews. And the first thing out of the talk show host’s mouth is “He’s not my son.” LOL. And there’s a scene where both of them go gaga over these girls. SOO cute!

RED CLIFF is freakin’ epic! I’m going to treat my parents to it. It’s one of the three kingdom stories and the trailer is pretty mind blowing. (The three kingdom story is a Chinese historical fiction piece. But I was talking to someone who said RED CLIFF is a lot more historically accurate than the novel. There’s a lot of war scenes in the novel and it’s very tactical and insanely good) They have this circular formation going on and they pretty much lock the enemy in the circle. So it’s like a death trap. Genius.

BREATHLESS looks pretty good too. It’s about this guy who grew up in a dysfunctional family and as an adult, deals with things with physical violence. He ends up being a pretty good thug. Then there’s this girl who’s also from a dysfunctional family and the two end up having this weird connection. I don’t think this description is as good as the trailer, but I hope you still check it out.

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