Friday, October 23, 2009


Wow. KOLLABORATION: COMEDY NIGHT was friggin hilarious. I’m so glad I went to the show. I was laughing so hard, my face hurt. Does anyone know if it’s possible for your face muscles to cramp up?

First up was PK talking about his childhood and growing up as the preacher’s youngest son (amongst other things). Then Walter Hong was introduced as the cleanest comedian. That was a falsehood. Regardless of how clean his act is, he is still really funny, talking about relationships and getting the audience involved. (On a side note, he has this awesome laugh; love it!) To close the evening was Randall Park, telling us a childhood story about his elementary school crush. Too cute.

Then we headed to YogurtLand for the meet and greet. Walter Hong was so excited about putting Cap’n Crunch in his yogurt. Oh, and I told Randall Park the story behind the quote “I LOVE RANDALL PARK!! I F*CKING LOVE RANDALL PARK!” Lol. Afterwards, went over to the DoubleTree for a private reception. It was pretty chill, just talking and listening to people sing DIFFERENT STROKES. And getting the most awesome introduction ever. And dancing to JUMP ON IT with the guys (even PK got in on that). Good times.

Tonight, Friday, October 23:
World premier of THE PEOPLE I SLEPT WITH @ 7pm. Cast and director scheduled to attend.
After party at JSix Lounge (616 J Street, San Diego, CA 92101).

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 24:
SDAART NOW: ACTORS WORKSHOP @ 2pm @ Mission Valley Doubletree Hotel
REEL VOICES @ 4:30pm @UltraStar cinemas
Small reception to follow
FRUIT FLY @ 6pm Cast and crew scheduled to attend
BLOWFISH: INTERSECTION OF SIGHTS AND SOUNDS Doors open @ 8:30pm @ Canes (3105 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, CA 92109)

I feel like our anthem should be I PARTY by Far*East Movement.

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  1. Walter Hong was an incredibly offensive Korean supremacist that did the festival a disservice.