Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SDAFF 2009: You Take My Breath Away

I’m so bummed I missed the George Lin Tribute. But I’m glad I was able to help with the reception and be in good company. George’s family was in attendance to celebrate his life and how much he means to SDAFF. The tribute and reception was well received (Popeye’s fried chicken, a bean and rice side, biscuits and Gatorade). Surprisingly, we had a lot more people show up than we had anticipated. Good times.

Afterwards, BEFORE WE CLOSED screened and all proceeds go to the George C. Lin Memorial Fund. Anyone who knew George would say that he was definitely in the house. The first portion of the musical played on one medium, but the audio was so terrible that the projectionists had to switch over. Have you ever tried timing two things so that it was in sync and then switched from one to the other so it would look seamless? In front of a live audience? It is not easy. But our awesome projectionist Chris Paffendorf pulled it off. But of course, George comes back to visit. I believe the second time around he ended up playing the SDAFF trailer in the middle of the movie. Oh George.

The George C. Lin Memorial Fund provides charitable grants to students, educators and professionals in the non-profit media and arts industries. Additionally, the fund provides grants and other forms of support promoting Pheochromocytoma cancer research, education and awareness. If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to:

The George C. Lin Memorial Fund
c/o The San Diego Foundation
2508 Historic Decatur Rd. Suite 200.
San Diego, CA 92106

Afterwards, a group of us kicked it in the Ikea Lounge, waiting for our movies. (If you still haven’t made it into the theater yet, we have this really sweet lounge area you can hang out in; just make sure you pick up after yourself.) A couple of us went to go see BEAST STALKER while I waited for BREATHLESS and the rest of the group were doing a recap of the weekend and, of course, discussing films in general. The FIGHT SCENES AND FALL GUYS Panel went well (I was, unfortunately, at the YouTube meet and greet and Blowfish Unplugged). The panelists seemed to be down to earth and had good chemistry from working with each other prior to the panel. Overall, it was a great panel.

Around 9:25pm, I strolled into the theater for BREATHLESS. Jini did a quick intro to the film; it’s a South Korean indie film that’s been making the rounds and is the second and last screening of it at SDAFF (unless the masses demand it, then we might be able to make arrangements. But only if the masses demand it). The opening scene sets up the entire movie. It’s almost like the overall theme was crammed into that first scene, but you wouldn’t know how significant it is unless you saw the whole movie. This movie was so beautiful. I don’t think I can fully explain how much this movie touched me. I mean, I can’t remember ever finishing a movie crying. Tears in my eyes and sniffling? Yes, but this was like on the verge of bawling my eyes out. Actually, I think I would have been bawling if I wasn’t in public. Beautifully violent and tragically hopeful; that’s the best way I can describe BREATHLESS. And I love the soundtrack, especially the last song they play at the end and throughout the credits. I’m the last person to walk out because I’m still crying and I’m trying to get a grip. I see Phil standing at the door with a couple volunteers (Christian and Ivan) and they look at me like Aw. They start asking me about the movie and I just end up crying harder. Then Phil says something like, “Oh my god, stop looking at me like that, people are going to think that it’s my fault.” I laughed and Anthony, who comes out of nowhere, gives me a hug. I love my SDAFF family.

“There is always one.”

For Wednesday, October 21:
ANIMATION: ILLUSION OF LIFE at 7:15pm (This is gonna be suh-WEET!)
NEKO RAHMEN TAISHO at 9:40pm (This sold out Saturday night, so you KNOW it’s gonna be a hot one!)

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