Monday, November 23, 2009

What luck for Chapman University

So there is a private school called Chapman University in Orange County.

Since Friday, till tonight, Sunday night, the school has held a film festival by the name of


Basically bringing some of the best films from Pusan Int'l Film Fest held in October in Korea. It is one of the internationally renowned film festivals.

How crazy is that!!!

And I got to attend it tonight-

I watched one of older Korean films from the 1980s, titled "The Last Witness". A detective film, highly political, and slightly film-noir style of trench coat wearing, chain-smoking man on a mission to solve the murder mystery.

With director Lee Doo-Yong and professor Nam Lee with USC profession David James.

This is a rather impressive festival, with numerous filmmakers attending... including Ji-Woon Kim-- director of THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD!

There he is-- in the center. (On right is my friend, Jason, who's also a big fan of his film)

Pusan West panel.
This was Chapman University's first Korean film festival and they hope to continue this Pusan West by holding it annually. Very exciting to see many different venues celebrating and promoting diverse films! Looking forward to more in the future--

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  1. aw man! I loved the Good The Bad The Weird. Did anyone ask what the heck is holding the distributor back from releasing the film in the US?