Friday, November 6, 2009

White on Rice Opens in San Diego!

Festival Favorite (and Audience Award Winner!) WHITE ON RICE, is opening in San Diego this weekend. What does that mean exactly?

Well, very few independent films see the light of day beyond film festivals. For the few and the lucky that make it beyond and acquire distribution, they get to see a limited run for theatrical premieres in some choice cities.

WHITE ON RICE has done just that and will be opening up in San Diego this Friday at the Gaslamp Reading Cinemas in Downtown. It's very important that we go and support this film as it makes it's debut. Not only is it a very funny and well deserved project- BUT- if it does well during opening weekend, they'll decide to keep it at the theater longer (which in turn gives hint to the Theater management that Asian American independent cinema is profitable in San Diego- and will allow for other films of this nature to be premiered!)

So go and see it this weekend! Opens TODAY and runs for a week.

*SPECIAL DISCOUNT: If you mention SDAFF you'll receive a discounted ticket- ONLY $7 (USUALLY $11!!!).

* CAST AND CREW will be in attendance too for Q+A on Saturday Night- 5:45 and 7:40 showings of the film.

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