Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Ahead

2009 was a year that allowed SDAFF to show San Diego and the rest of the film loving world that going into a 10th festival in an economic climate filled with uncertainty coupled with declining consumer confidence could not "poop the party". We managed to serve over 33,000 people (27,000 at the film festival) which makes SDAFF as strong as ever, with new ventures on the way that will continue to connect audiences with the human experience.

In my humble opinion, connecting will be at the forefront of what SDAFF does this year. We will be starting a new community connection program that will allow for diverse, cross-generational and cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. We are going to bring more diverse, quality film entertainment to San Diego through more screenings and more opportunities for our members to connect with the Foundation. 2010 will also be the year for the 11th San Diego Asian Film Festival, which marks the beginning of a new era of connecting, enlightening, and cultivating compassion and culture.

I encourage all who know us, heard of us, or have yet to get acquainted with us to go to our website and access all of the cool programming, articles, blogs, social connection, and multi-media presentations. This will be a landmark year, as I personally know that all at SDAFF will do everything possible to continue to innovate, educate, and connect audiences to the Pan Asian media arts and in doing so, will give San Diego and the rest of the country a great resource for quality entertainment.

I look forward to taking this journey with all of you.

Phil L.

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