Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sophia's Intern Blog

It been almost two months of me interning here at SDAFF and I’ve learned so much so far. Recently, Phil went to the San Francisco (my hometown!) for the San Francisco International Asian Film Festival and I left my admin duties to help Dan with a little bit of marketing. I had a little bit more outside people interaction, for I had to make phone calls. I started out by creating a spreadsheet (well… maybe I didn’t totally leave admin) of all the high schools in San Diego along with the contact for their guidance counselors.

Then, I called all the high schools to inform them about our Reel Voices program, which is a high school internship where they get to learn and make films, and eventually get to show it in the end. While I was calling the guidance counselors, I realized two things: 1. There are way more than one guidance counselor at each high school.

Some schools had as many as 10 counselors! As I called, I either got a lot of voicemails or a lot of transfers that lead to voicemails. I left them messages and then I realized: 2. It was almost 4pm and I’m pretty sure all the counselors have left by then. I didn’t think I was going to reach anyone else. On the bright side, I able to get hold of about 2 out of 20 people that I called!

Then, on Friday, I came back to doing admin work again. While I was creating another spreadsheet on the contacts of the SF Film Festival, Maggy (one of the other admin interns) popped in a short film on a dare by Phil. We both thought it was going to be either scary or gory or some horror film. It was definitely not what I expected and it was pretty traumatizing. I did not know that these kind of things happen on the streets of Korea…

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