Thursday, April 1, 2010

How Marisa Spent her Spring Break....with SDAFF

Back from "Spring Break" which also included working in the SDAFF office. The small break from studying and tiresome lectures allowed for a little de-stress. One day in the office though i was able to watch a film titled "Shanghai Kiss". A multi-racial and transcontinental love triangle with a few high profile celebrities, such as Hayden Panettiere and Kelly Hu. Although i attempted to guess the plot line (thinking that i so cleverly knew the ending), I was surprised to find that Shanghai Kiss dealt with many race and gender issues that most movies tend not to address.

In one scene, the main character played by Ken Leung is confronted by Kelly Hu's character in a bar after he tries to initiate interest in her. Instead of playing the submissive and silent Asian woman who follows the traditional role and characteristics, she instead calls out Ken's character as being disconnected from his culture/heritage.

He does not speak the language and is disinterested in learning about Shanghai lifestyle. The role reversal world in a foreign and unknown environment by a non-normative interaction challenges the American ideal of gender roles. From my time at SDAFF, i have been able to incorporate my education as an Ethnic Studies major and to also learn new and alternative perspectives in arts and media through visual entertainment. I have learned that its important to constantly evolve through different outlets about all narratives, themes, and discourses to begin to understand the world and its many intersections.

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