Monday, April 26, 2010

Maggy's Reflection

I'm back to reflect on the last few months that I have been here at SDAFF. The most interesting and real world experience that I thought I took out of this was when I was able to sit in on a conference call with a company in LA that was to help us consolidate our media files into one so that it would be easier to access when the film festival came around. Got to listen in on how a REAL business meeting would be like. Technology is so advanced these days that I didn't know you could do conference calls by calling some number and putting in a pin as everyone else in your conference call does and then you will all be joined together. Pretty high-tech I thought (Or maybe it's just me). So I got to sit in and listen to them talk about budgeting and what they had planned for our foundation. A lot of planning and communication in any business.
If I had a smart phone, I'd be on it 24/7 checking my emails for updates and updating my busy calendar. Working here, I have never used so many Google Apps in my life but they have all been a lifesaver. I pretty much rely on them all the time now. I use the calendar to my advantage and put in anything and everything that has to go into my schedule including internship, school, work, the whole nine yards. Google Docs is also a lifesaver because you can pretty much upload anything and everything you want onto it. You can now leave it in it's original format as well!!! Checking emails, labeling, and filtering is all so convenient in gmail. And what's so great about Google is that you can have LABS that do special things to your emails and maps. The to-do list is quite important as well because it keeps me on track on what to do and when to finish by.
I have spent a lot of time on It opened my eyes to a new program called FileMaker Pro that I have never heard about till when I started interning here. A lot of database and information inputs go into this program. Its still in the beginning process of being built but over time, I find that it will be very useful to the foundation and its members.
I also worked with the Reel Voices program. My task was to contact the local high schools around San Diego to open the opportunity for film making to the students. A lot of administration tasks went into this and a lot of emailing as well.

My time here at SDAFF has been very fun and entertaining. I have seen many, a lot more than I have EVER seen, on Asian-American and Intercultural movies in my lifetime. It has opened my eyes to a whole different world of independent and short films that I wish to see later down the line. It's been so much fun that I wish I don't want to leave. If I don't find a job anytime soon, then I guess I will be staying with SDAFF a little longer. We shall see. Only time will tell.

SDAFF Intern

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