Thursday, May 6, 2010

LA Asian Pacific Film Festival

Hi Everyone. Frank here with the latest SDAFF intern blog. So today I came in, even though I didn't really need to be here, that's how much I love it here. haha. But yea, everyday I'm getting more comfortable here. I attended the staff meeting yesterday, it was really chill. I'm surrounded by hilarious people. So i'm looking forward to meeting more staff members and interns.

Speaking of interns, this past weekend I had a chance to attend the Asian Pacific Film Festival in LA. I drove up with the fellow interns. Justin, Jane, Grace, and I met up with Daniel and Christine at the Director's Guild of America. We needed energy for the long day, so we grabbed burgers across the street. We got a chance to meet a lot of people. From staff members to the Angry Asian Man, everyone was so nice and helpful. Our first film was KTOWN COWBOYS, it was hilarious. Reminded me of our own random adventures back in NorCal. It's definiely a film everyone should check out. Afterwards we got chicken wings, compliments of Kyochon Chicken. Then Dan split us up to watch three different films. Justin and I watched MANILA SKIES, which mood was a complete opposite of KTOWN COWBOYS. It showed us the hardships of these people in modern Filipino society. Watch it, you'll be shocked at the end of the film. After, we considered attending the KTOWN after party, but we were burnt out and decided to call it quits. In all it i had a blast, we need more day trips to LA!


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