Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome Sherilyn!

Hi everyone! My name is Sherilyn Bumatay, and I'm the new intern at the San Diego Asian Film Foundation. I'm an Operation intern, and will be working with Phillip Lorenzo for the next few weeks. My high school, High Tech High Chula Vista, requires all juniors to take part in an academic internship, and I'm so happy that mine is here. I first heard about the SDAFF when I went to the HappySlip panel at the 2008 festival, and immediately wanted to get more involved. This internship is the perfect opportunity! Not only can I learn more about how the foundation works, I can help it out with my internship project. Already, I love the staff and their easy going attitude. My interest in Asian films adds to the fun, watching and discussing movies definitely makes it seem less like a job. Overall, I feel so lucky to have this internship!

Here's some more info about my background. I'm Filipino American; like most Filipino families, my grandparents joined the Navy to move to the US, and my parents and I were born here. I'm the oldest child at 17 years old, with a younger sister and brother. Lately, I've been getting really interested in learning more about Asian cultures, including my own. The food, the language, the entertainment, the values and traditions...I find it all interesting. My other interests include music (especially k-pop), reading (Harry Potter is my favorite), robotics, fencing, archery, and anything Disney related. Eventually, I want to be an Imagineer, and plan on majoring in Mechanical Engineering. For now, my college choices are UC Irvine or Caltech. I hope this experience will help me grow and learn more about the work world experience so I'm ready for this future. Thank you to everyone, and I promise to work hard!

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