Monday, August 16, 2010

REEL VOICES Summer Update #6: Kevin Tran

REEL VOICES is a summer high school internship where students from around San Diego County come together to learn about documentary filmmaking. They create a short documentary, are mentored by industry professionals, and have the opportunity to learn skills to help them succeed within the business.

During the summer, we'll have the opportunity to meet the students in the REEL VOICES class and have them take us through the journey of creating their short documentary.

This week we meet Kevin Tran

I grew up in a Vietnamese family, with the typical Asian parents who want their children to grow up, be lawyers, doctors, and Engineers. As you can see, that isn't the case. I can't count the times my mother and my family had tried to discourage me from this film path, and I want to prove them wrong. I'm a senior at Mira Mesa High School and I love everything about it. I played water polo, I swam, and took up French. I remembering begging my mom for a Canon 7D, so i can start shooting some great videos, eventually she gave in. When I got the camera, I started to really get in to photography, especially with old film cameras. Through film, I grew up, and saw the world in a different light. Through film, I'm a storyteller, an artist, a person who hopes to inspire and stimulate the minds of my viewers.

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