Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From The Operations Director

I am as I write this in the SDAFF Office working at my desk and getting final preparations set for the San Diego Asian Film Festival which starts tomorrow at 4pm.

You can see that my beard has grown a bit, my hair a slight disheveled, and my eyes maybe getting baggy. You can see the computer screen behind me (a PC by the way, which is next to my true love the Mac, so I feel like I'm cheating on my love everyday) and you can see a bunch of windows open filled with media as I continue and finalize creating our shorts programs for the week.

What you may not see is my love, my heart, and my pride in this festival and the Foundation. I have been blessed with so many opportunities and have been entrusted with helping run what I feel is the best festival in the world. So, yes, I am working my tail off, but so are 100+ staffers and volunteers who work ultra hard to get the best experience possible to our filmmakers, sponsors, and especially our patrons. I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!

Ops Director
San Diego Asian Film Foundation

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