Friday, October 8, 2010

If I were you..By Nikki J

If I were you...the top 10 things you need to do at SDAFF 2011

Holler! Nikki J here. This is my 2nd year involved in SDAFF and I can't tell you how STOKED I am for all the festival festivities! I got involved as a marketing/PR intern last year and well, I just couldn't get enough so even though I'm no longer an intern, I still get to help out with good ol' Dan Matthews and help increase media exposure for SDAFF.

So the top 10 things you need to do at SDAFF- even if you're a newbie or veteran. 

Ready, set, go!

1- Get to know the SDAFF staff and other volunteers!
They're awesome people and become like your family! 
Letty, Me, Elianna- Marketing/PR interns

2- Take advantage of the free films-
Free films - mingle with other people in the community and see what's going on with the people around you.

3- Bring your camera!
Awesome opportunities to create and keep photo memories with your friends or
celebrities you run into! 

4- If you want those photo memories, don't be afraid to go up to your favorite celebrity and ask for a picture with them! 
Seriously-they're generally super nice and that's why they come to community events like SDAFF- to meet their fans! 

With Leonardo Nam- Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, He's Just Not that Into You
5- Go to SDAFF events 
Do you like shows like Glee and Dexter? Then come to the SDAFF events like Asians in Hollywood Panel! There are so many cool things to do besides watch a film.

6-Check out our great comedy line-up!
Do you like comedies? So many comedy films sure to make you laugh! And that's what's great about film festivals- they're not your typically mainstream Hollywood comedy- these have a little flair and may not be so predictable.

7- Support the Mission Valley Hazard Center
Check out the great surrounding venues. Buy some candy and popcorn, get some fro-yo, coffee, ect- so many yummy stuff to go around! 

8-Go to a panel and meet Directors/Filmmakers/Actors/Actresses
Film festivals are unique because you get a more intimate experience with the film. There are opportunities to meet and greet these creators, ask a question, take a picture, network!

9- Bring a friend 
If you don't want to go to a SDAFF event just because you're going alone- either A. Bring a friend, or B. Just do it! Awesome opportunity to meet people in the community, make a new friend from your college or another school, or just have fun with your friends! 

10- Continue to promote!
All throughout the festival, keep your facebooks, twitter, blogs, ect with your experiences about SDAFF. The best way to spread the word is through these social media sites and by word of mouth, everyone in San Diego will understand how awesome SDAFF is and why they should come out at any point during the week!

All in all- SDAFF is a wonderful community event that attracts people from San Diego, Los Angeles, and all over. SDAFF has truly become my family and I am so excited to see all our hard work come to fruition! So grab a friend, your camera, and get ready to get your film on, network, and meet some awesome people in and out of Hollywood who will totally make October 21-28 a week to remember!!

Mucho love, Nikkaaaay!!

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  1. All great recommendations, thanks Nikki!