Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Online Discounted Tickets are Going Quick! Buy Today!

Hello SDAFFers! We wanted to send out a general warning to make sure to purchase your online pre-festival tickets quick before they sell out at the door! We've had so many occasions in the past where people will wait til the last minute to get a ticket for a film screening at the door and it's ALL sold out. As some of our film programs only show once during the fest (especially our Opening and Closing Night Film), this may be your only opportunity to see these on the big screen. We'd hate for this to happen to you so make sure purchase your tix online ahead of time. Here are some reasons why:

1. They're discounted! If you know you're going to want to go to a certain program, why not do your self a favor and buy them for a cheaper price. They're currently $8 online and will be $10.50 at the door. You can buy some snacks for the film with the money you save.

2. Films will sell out! As mentioned above, we've had too many times in the past that a film screening will sell out in advance. Avoid this situation at all costs and purchase a ticket today!

3. Avoid lines! Sometimes our box office lines are enormous, causing folks to have to miss the beginning of their film program, be separated from their friends by having to sit in different seats, etc. Buy online, skip the wait, and walk straight to the theater!

4. Value Packs, what?? If you know you want to see multiple films at the festival, purchase a 4 or 10 pack and use these vouchers to see what ever films you'd like. It's heavily discounted too! We have a very limited supply! Get them today!

For more on tickets and value packs go here.

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