Saturday, October 23, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Don’t this ish make a ninja wanna jump jump?!

Oh man, another crazy night at SDAFF. NINJA, ARE YOU CRAZY?! was a hit. If you missed it, you can catch it tomorrow (Sun, Oct 24 at 12:30pm). Got to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while after the movie was over. And I got to kick it with some filmmakers for a bit before we headed out to Thin Bar/Onyx. That dj last night was HOTTTTTT. I approve his (or was it a her?) song choices. Definitely a good playlist to shake off the stress, but now I have Busta Rhymes’ Pass the Courvoisier (pt 2) stuck in my head. Ah well. Good times regardless. And Toyota had this flipbook making booth—coolest thing ever! You and your friends would stand in front of this blank screen and I guess they would take this speed-shutter camera and take a bunch of pictures as you do some stuff (like have a mini fight scene) and they would print all the pictures they took and collated it together to make a flip book. IN COLOR! Can I just say, that is freakin’ awesome?
Afterwards, I met one of our board members, Jeet. This guy is OG. Started volunteering for SDAFF back in 01 and after a hiatus, he’s back as a board member. Can I just say, that is some real SDAFF love. Then we kicked it at the hotel for a bit. Hung out with some more filmmakers, John and Phil, and CS Lee and they’re pretty down to earth guys. Really funny too.
Ok, I have to make a few shout outs and announcements.
Much love to our patrons for being so patient with us. We’ve been using some very new and some very old technology/equipment and are experiencing some problems. We hope you understand that this has never happened before in SDAFF history and we’re doing everything we can to make your festival experience better and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Happy Birthday to Edward, one of our facilities coordinators!
Big, big, big thank you to our drivers last night. You are very appreciated!
Phil papi, we love you and we miss you. Please get better soon. SDAFF is not the same without you =(
Tonight, head on over to the Mission Valley Marriott for an evening of sights and sounds at our Blowfish Music Party. It’s a free event, presented by Toyota and Verizon and DJ ICEY ICE will be spinning. Woot.

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