Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Facilities and Operations

If you’ve gone to other film festivals, you’ll notice a definite difference in the way SDAFF works. And that is because we have an awesome team for facilities and operations.
Decorating the theater?
Making sure there isn’t a fire hazard as patrons line up for/get out of a movie?
Sound checks with the projectionists?
Making sure you get seated in time for your movie?
Making sure the movie starts on time?
Making sure Q&A runs smoothly?
Making sure the Q&A doesn’t run late (which makes the next movie start late too)?
Deciding where the vendors go?
Organizing the spotlight cause event (this year it’s the shoe drive for orphans)?
Even finding a band aid for you if you accidentally cut yourself?
Our facilities and operations team does all this and then some.

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