Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Love Films

OMG, loved, loved, loved THE TAQWACORES. I especially loved the character with the mohawk. I think it’s because he showed the most growth as a character and really got outside of his comfort zone while most of the other characters didn’t grow as much. And while Yusef did learn to be more open minded, I felt that the character with the really tried to open his mind and grappled with his faith. Personally, I think he stole the show.
And then MACHO LIKE ME was so funny. Admittedly, it turned out to be a little more serious than I anticipated. It was sort of a documentary on how guys interact with each other and how guys suppress their feelings and emotions due to societal demands. I liked how it was took on such a serious topic but kept it funny and light and ended on a good note. I’m just bummed that I didn’t get to catch the Saturday screening with Q&A with Helie Lee. Ah well. Still a great film.
Tomorrow is the ANIMATION: THE ILLUSION OF LIFE program and I’m pretty stoked about it =)
And Thursday will be closing night. Get ready for it! =D

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