Sunday, October 24, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Panels vs Films

Working the gala last night was kind of nuts, not going to lie. Lee joked that with all the running around I was doing, I would earn my hiking badge tonight. But it was all good. Ran into Paul Dateh during rehearsal and got to say hi and catch up for a sec before I had to go. It was such a pleasant surprise seeing him again. I’m just kind of bummed I didn’t get to watch him perform. But while I didn’t really get to sit down and actually watch the gala, everything went very smoothly.
At the conclusion of the gala, one of our attendees sat down at the piano and started playing all kinds of jams and it was epic. People were jumping in and singing along. LOVED it.
And while I was planning on going to Blowfish, I didn’t quite make it from the ballroom to the outdoor pavilion. A group of us just spontaneously started talking about how the gala went and how the festival is going and how it compares to previous years. And we even got into tossing ideas around about how to move forward with the foundation, working with new programs and improving current ones. By the time we realized how late it was, Blowfish had already concluded and we were so exhausted from such a long day that we called it quits and went home. Sleep and vitamin C are currently my best friends.
Today, I have to give a very special thank you to Jimmy Lee, our community outreach liaison and overall awesome guy for staying up all hours of the night to work on our back up plans to the technical/equipment difficulties. You rock!
Today will be primarily a panel and film day. I’m so torn between the INTERPRETATIONS screening/panel and seeing FINDING FACE. Gah, decisions, decisions!

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