Monday, October 11, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Programmers

There’s about 7 film programmers who watch all the films that SDAFF considers for the festival program and it takes all year to go through the countless film submissions as well as cultivating our international films for the festival. Then it takes about 3 months to really decide which films will fit into the festival’s program. It’s a very intense and sometimes emotional process, debating and championing films. People may think that their job is to watch film all day, but it’s not that easy.
Those movie descriptions in the festival bible? Programmers wrote them.
The movie one liners in the fold out pamphlet? Programmers.
The actual schedule of the films during the festival? Programmers.
Soliciting the films for the festival? And in time for the festival? Programmers.
Suggesting which filmmakers and celebrities to solicit to come to our festival? Programmers.
Not so easy now, is it? Next time you see one, tell them thank you.

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