Monday, October 25, 2010

SDAFF 2010: Sunday Wind Down

Ah. What a weekend. Finally decided to catch the interpretations panel and it was great. Loved the moderator, Phil of YOMYOMF. He was very candid about how he felt and revealed a little bit about what he did the night before. They showed us an exclusive video of CAR TALK WITH SUNG KANG. I gotta say, it’s pretty funny. Then they played a few of the sample shorts that were posted on the interpretations site. It was awesome seeing it on the big screen, not going to lie. Finally, they showed us the top five finalists and dude, they were awesome! I think my favorite one was SHINE.
Then the directors and some of the INTERPRETATIONS people came up for the Q&A which went quite fabulously. My favorite question was about the budget the filmmakers were working with. Danny Pudi’s answer was awesome, but I think the director of BOTTLED UP takes the cake.
Afterwards, stopped by the Toyota booth to chat with the homies April and Pamela. Then headed over to Maria Maria’s for dinner with friends. Good times, good food and since we had an all fest pass, we scored a discount. Woo!
Then we headed back to the theater and while they went in to see IP MAN 2, I hung out for a bit before catching THE PHOTOGRAPH. It was pretty good. I loved the part where Mr. Johan said we choose which truths and lies to display in a photograph. I thought that was particularly touching and very applicable to the things going on in my life.
Tomorrow, I think I will try something new and watch THE TAQWACORES before catching MACHO LIKE ME. I’m super stoked!

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