Monday, December 6, 2010

Sherilyn learns at SDAFF

Hi everyone!!

It’s Sherilyn, one of the Operations Interns here at the SDAFF. So much has happened since I last posted! First off, the FESTIVAL! It was my first time working it, and it was so much fun! I actually had the honor of being Lee Ann’s assistant for a few days, and what an experience that was. I loved being a part of all the inner workings of the festival, from guest services to special events to facilities and so much more….it was so cool to learn what it takes to put on the festival. And I have to give big thanks to Lee Ann for giving me the wonderful opportunity of getting a chance to see it all. After, I helped out with the festival any way I could, volunteering in the theaters, the lobby, and wherever else help was needed. During the slower times, I was enjoyed a few films (Littlerock was so good!) and chilled with my fellow SDAFF family members. Laughing and joking with a bunch of really awesome people definitely made for a lot of fun. My favorite parts: finally seeing what a theater projection room looks like (I’ve always wondered, and it turns out to be a lot smaller than I thought), and the celebrity panel (Harry Shum Jr…hehe). Overall, the festival was an amazing experience. I am so fortunate to have been a part of it, and I sincerely hope to be able to again in the future.

What else has happened since? I’ve been learning a lot in the office! I helped edit a video for the membership mixer a while ago, and learned a bit on how to create special effects. I’ve used FinalCut Pro before for other SDAFF vids, but this time I discovered Motion. Motion is a software program that can create special effects in videos, and I used it to put text on video clips. I learned how to animate the text, plus add effects like coloring, fading and shadows. The finished clips ended up looking really neat, and although I wasn’t able to go to the mixer, I’m proud of the video and what I learned. I want to continue learning about the video production process, in editing and maybe even filming in the future.

That’s pretty much all for now…I’ll try for another post later on. Thanks everyone!

-Sherilyn :]

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