Friday, January 14, 2011

The High Tech High Interns Keep on Going!

At first, I interned at the SDAFF to understand how the film making experience was. I didn’t really think about the cultural impact this company had to the public. I believe their mission is to break the stereotypes America has created for Asians; by creating and presenting films made with Asian and Asian-American people, they hope to educate the public on their culture. This is a dream that I am excited to take part in.
I didn’t realize that so many films portrayed Asians terribly. After watching “The Slanted Screen”, I began to understand what most people thought Asians were, and I didn’t like what I was seeing. It seemed as if American filmmakers had this “set” idea on how Asians were suppose to act. Once they started to develop movies with this stereotypical Asian, people seemed to take it to heart. They started to believe that that is what most Asians were like.
Interning here has shown me how our American Society views Asians, and I would like to bepart of this experience because, being Filipino-American, I am always prejudge based on my culture. I hope that I will be able to show what Asian Americans can do, and break that stereotype that we have.

Wow, what a crazy week! So far at SDAFF, my internship has been awesome. The projects are fun and the people working here are all great. With all that is going on with the move that will happen soon, everyone seems relaxed and not worried (although Phil has the occasional seizure and is crazy on

All the interns work together when needed and no one really complains. We have been working on our videos and so far so good!
Next week, we start our post-production and then we will also start to help with packing (ugh!). I just can’t wait to show the rest of High Tech High the stuff that we have been working on.
The environment is so alive and friendly, and that has made a huge difference in my experience.

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