Sunday, April 10, 2011

SDAFF @ Servapalooza

4 sdaffers-- Irene, Olivia, Davis, and Jini-- attend the 3rd annual Servapalooza at Liberty Station in Point Loma, San Diego, to join a gathering of non-profit organizations to bring fun games and activities while promoting the good cause of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation.
Look how pretty and bright SDAFF's banner is!


Our activity was "Ready, Family, Action" , where families participate in making short Q&A videos. Children loved both trying out the camera and being in front of it at the center of attention. Parents laughed when they pulled out the question: "What is your favorite and least favorite trait about your mom / dad?"


It was a great day of fun, and an awesome way to promote SDAFF's Spring Showcase and the Reel Voices. Speaking of Reel Voices, there's only about 10 more days until the application deadline!

Thanks & congratulations to the coordinators of Servapalooza for putting on a successful event. See you next year!

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