Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Introducing... the Reel Voices Class of 2011

A Gigantic SDAFF Hug and Congrats to the Following 10 Students:

Anthony Anglin Jr.
Alexander Powell
Asha Marengeau
Camille Wilson
Jesus Olvera
Jose Romero
Kaylor Anne Myers
Marissa Dodds
Marygian Rebullar
Michelle Mixay.

Welcome to the Reel Voices of Class of 2011!

Here is a welcome message from the program director, Mike Watson:

"Congratulations and welcome to the Reel Voices class of 2011! You hereby join the ranks of students whose works have been accepted to film festivals across the US and through several foreign countries; many of whom now study at schools like NYU, USC, Long Beach, and prestigious film schools throughout the state and the country. Each year, we cull through applications from all over the county to choose eight (this year.. ten!) students we think will produce award-winning documentary films. Your application was weighed against dozens of others and was among the best we received. You should be proud!"

These students have so much to look forward to this summer: (don't be jealous)
a group field trip to the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 18th, (where our last year's RV films will be screened!)
RV classes to begin June 22nd,
students will be paired with a filmmaker to serve as their mentor throughout the program,
Final Cut Pro editing session in August,
guest lecturers,
and more!

Fans & supporters of Reel Voices! Support our mission by becoming a member with SDAFF (if you haven't yet. Membership guideline here). Keep in touch with us as we go through our journey of becoming documentary filmmakers over the summer and sharing our voices with the world. Find our updates on this blog or our Reel Voices page in the SDAFF website. And be sure to join us during our screening at the San Diego Asian Film Festival to begin October 20th!

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  1. Congratulations! This is such a great opportunity and I'm excited for these students that they are part of this truly amazing experience!!