Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chuan Lu's "City of Life and Death" opens this Friday at the La Jolla Village Cinema.

2010 SDAFF Alum "City of Life and Death" is begins it's one week theatrical run in San Diego this weekend. The third film from director Chuan Lu tells the story of the devastating massacre that occurred during the Japanese occupation of Nanking China in 1937. Shot in black and white, "City of Life and Death" re-creates those events based on the accounts of the different people whose lives were destroyed by the war from the Chinese soldiers, civilians, foreign missionaries who sheltered refugees, the comfort women, and the Japanese soldiers.

Distributed by Kino International, City of Life and Death opens the Friday (June 24th) at the La Jolla Village Cinema.



  1. this was a powerful film indeed. i wonder how the audience will like it here.

  2. With much focus in American cinema on the European front of World War II, it was interesting to see how the Japanese occupation in China would be depicted in a film. The horrors faced by the Chinese people under Japanese occupation was emotionally captured in this powerful film.