Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ryan Higa Is A Nice Guy

If you’ve never heard of Ryan Higa, there’s a chance that you may know him by his YouTube channel: nigahiga. Currently the most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 3.7 million subscribers, Higa has created a huge fan base by posting videos of silly skits, parodies and rants.

With his latest video “Nice Guys”, Higa collaborates with fellow YouTube partners Kevin Wu (aka KevJumba) and Chester See to create a song about guys who feel the need to treat their girlfriends badly because of the old saying “nice guys finish last”. The “nice guys” (Higa and Wu) attend a class taught by See, who instructs them on how to pick up girls. They learn how not to wear shirts, to never open doors or pull out chairs, and to drink protein shakes. The absurdness continues as Wu refuses to give his girlfriend (played by YouTube musician Kina Grannis) his jacket in the cold, and Higa literally “moos” at his girlfriend (played by Cathy Nguyen, also a YouTube musician) after calling her fat. Both girls end up frustratingly leaving their boyfriends.

So is there a backlash from the community against Ryan Higa’s sexist and misogynistic views?

Of course not! Higa’s specialty is parodies, and this video is no exception. As the song reaches the bridge, we see a shift to the real message behind this song. As the lyrics say, “But behind the scenes/She means the world to me/I want to tell her that she’s beautiful … But that won’t get her heart”. After the guys see how their “bad boy” image has turned away their girlfriends, they return to their normal nice guy selves and win back their hearts.

So what do you think of the video? Did you find it funny? Offensive? Heartwarmingly charming?


  1. so, did they compose the song too? there's always so much creativity in these Youtube stars' works. they're really worth the minutes of viewing.

  2. I don't know how people would be offended by this video since it's obvious that Higa and Wu are critiquing and poking fun at the "jersey shore" mentality of dating that is strewn all over the media and television.

    Nice guys usually finish first and clearly that's the message they are sending- via a funny and entertaining music video!

  3. Ryan Higa is known for his parodies and this doesn't differ much. The video is hilarious and you just have to have recognize that they are poking fun at certain groups and certain ideologies in society and in every guy/girl. Isn't that what comedy does sometimes? By seeing the ridiculousness in something, you realize the flaws that you never saw before. Tip off my hat to Ryan Higa and Wu because they're amazing together!

  4. Ryan Higa is one of my favorite Youtube celebs! I like KevJumba a lot too, especially after seeing him on the Amazing Race. And Kina Grannis recently played a show at the Loft at UCSD! This song is really catchy too...it's been stuck in my head fo' days.

  5. Ryan Higa is definitely one of my favorites. His videos are great for portraying certain messages and they make fun of what society has created for itself. He does an amazing job along with the work Kevjumba has done. The plus side is they can make people laugh and realize what is truly going on too.

  6. If only Hollywood can pick up on the popularity of Ryan and Kevin's success so more asians are seen in American films in positive images...