Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reel Voices 2011 - A Video Blog by Kaylor

Meet Kaylor! She is one of our ten Reel Voices students this summer. Reel Voices has wrapped up its 8 weeks of classes, and now students are busy either finishing up with filming or editing their footages at SDAFF's Final Cut Pro edit room (small, but fully equipped with the proper technology and creative energy!).

In this video, Kaylor shares with us how her documentary filmmaking journey has been so far, and even gives an insight on what to do when you feel your creatives juices suddenly not flowing all too well... I'm sure we have experienced those moments...

Each week, a Reel Voices student will share his or her progress and thoughts as they go through their summer as a documentary filmmaker. Feel free to share your thoughts, give advice, and words of encouragement. And be sure to join us at our screening in October during the San Diego Asian Film Festival!

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