Thursday, June 11, 2009

Korean Indie Film Opening in the US

I was looking through the Apple website and came across this trailer and found it hilarious. 

The film, Daytime Drinking, was directed, produced, shot, composed, and edited by Young-seok Noh. 

Because of the tight budget, the director decided to shoot with no lighting equipment. He also constructed the scenes so that the majority of it would take place outside in the day time. 

It was a huge hit in the festival circuit and recently played at the Seattle International Film Festival. 

In the film, a man, who has recently broken up with his girl friend, gets convinced by his friends to go on a weekend trip with them so he can relax and compose himself. On the day of, however, none of his friends show up. He decides to go on the trip anyway only to find that there are no shops open there; it is completely barren. Although he didn't get the trip he expected, he definitely has an experience/ under the rigid rules of Korean drinking culture. 

For the trailer Click Here

-SDAFF Esther


  1. I saw this at VC (Los Angeles Pacific Asian Film Fest by "Visual Culture") ... totally amusing-!

  2. This film should be hilarious! Anything about drinking during the day has to be funny.