Friday, June 12, 2009

A SDAFF Intern's Journey: Jon Abahay Signs Out

Hey, I'm Jonathan Abhay, Senior Class of 09 of High Tech High Media Arts.

After finishing my internship term with the SD Asian Film Foundation during my Junior Year, I've never thought I would have another prolonged work period with these guys. Considering how unsuspectingly busy it was during my senior year, juggling ASB work with two Senior Projects.

Now I have just a week left until I graduate and venture to San Francisco for college life. While I certainly am nervous about taking an actual leap into the real world and leaving my parents in San Diego, I can appreciate what SDAFF has done for me, by getting me out there in the public and doing things that I would've been shy to do years earlier.

The skills and lessons that I've gained here make me feel like I can take on anything. I've also learned a multitude of life skills by interning at the Film Foundation. For instance, Choco Pies & Hot and Spicy Noodle Bowls are a viable means of staying alive and seem to be the #1 source of nutrition during the Fall Season. Which just happens to be festival time. While I can't be here to see the festival due to me being in college 500 miles upstate, I do hope anybody reading this doesn't miss this opportunity to see some awesome films.

The 10th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival is happening from October 15-29 2009. Make sure you say Hi to Lee-Ann, Dan, Nick and Mye there.


  1. Hey Jonathan,

    Thank you so much for all of your work! You'll definitely be missed by all at the office. You totally schooled that film database project!

    We'll have a Choco pie waiting for you whenever you return...

  2. Thanks for all your support for SDAFF. We are lucky to have had you work with us. Please come back soon!