Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Asian American Film of the Week - Kissing Cousins

Last night, I went to see the new Eros released Bollywood film "New York". During the course of watching the film I recognized one of the actors in a supporting role. Samrat Chakrabarti is one of the better South Asian American actors working today and he does a great job in a really funny, insightful little diddy called "Kissing Cousins".

The film starts off with Samrat's character, Amir telling a young caucasian girl that her relationship is over. Amir is not breaking up with her, he is actually a "professional heartbreaker"; what that means you'll have to find out when you watch the film. He is also a very cynical bachelor who gets frustrated with family and friends who really don't respect him.

Amir returns home to find his attractive British cousin Zara (Rebecca Hazlewood), which then leads to some really funny moments.

The film is clever, has great human moments, especially when dealing with the human condition of relationships. The chemistry between Amir and Zara is really pleasant and delightful. It is a fresh breeze of a film that features two South Asian leads who are not stereotyped or typecast. Gerry Bednob (40 Year Old Virgin) offers momentary comic relief but otherwise delivers a solid role. Even Jaleel White and David Alan Grier have cameos.

So, when you want a break from Bollywood, "Kissing Cousins" offers a great Asian American film experience. See you next week!

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