Monday, July 6, 2009

Reel Voices 2009

Hard to believe we're halfway through classes for Reel Voices 2009 already... in some ways it feels like we just started, and in others I wonder how we'll cover everything we need to cover before the end of the summer!

Last week, Apple offered to bring us in to their Fashion Valley store, and learn Final Cut Pro with the geniuses. (Geniuses not only in stature, but in title!) We took them up on their offer, and spend two and a half hours with Dane and Alan. We broke students into groups of two, and Apple had set aside enough copies of FCP so that each student would have their own computer.

Alan took editing newcomers Steve and Joey, Dane worked with FCP 101 graduates Junia and Lora, Akira joined forces with Lupe and Holly, and Staci and I braved Color Correction and 3d motion.

Everyone learned a lot, we created some SDAFF buzz in the Apple Store, and now we're ready to get the whip crackin' with a couple of shooting and editing exercises back at ARTS this week, before we begin camera checkout and get student projects from concept to completion!

Top Row: Joey, Alan, Holly, Mike, Steve.
Bottom Row: Dane, Junia, Lora, Staci, Lupe, Akira

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