Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con Day One

I thought that Day Zero of Comic-Con would be pretty easy and smooth... about 10,000 people later, it was apparent that this would be bigger than ever.

Then Day One arrived, and oh my! The fun started for me bright and early. The doors to the con open at around 9:20 and then the thousands of comic-con goers that would burst through every hall of the convention center. We prepared the booth to get ready to raise some needed funds for both Film School Confidential and SDAFF Extreme (Being the first ever Asian Extreme program at the Festival).

I felt immediate kinship with our neighbors at The Blood Factory (see "victims" above) who are having a ball making crazy short films (one of them featuring Danny DeVito who will be there Saturday for a autograph session). Our other neighbors include the return of Tartan Asian Extreme (Now Palisades Tartan), Legendary Pictures (the production company behind the new Batman movies, 300, Watchmen, The Hangover, and the upcoming Trick r Treat).

I also was amazed at the many sights that are not even the booths. When I saw my first 6'8" nearly 300 pound Darth Vader, I was at first scared, then I thought, "how cool is it that the only place I could ever see a nearly 300 pound 6'8" Darth Vader is at Comic-Con!!"

Walking through the hall, I got to see some really cool booths both large and small. From large studios like Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. to smaller production houses like Lions Gate, Funimation, and Viz. I got to see artists and and small press along the way, including Secret Identities, the first graphic novel featuring the stories of Asian-American Superheroes.

Until tomorrow, why don't you marvel at the cuteness that is this cute blue creature! (please comment on who this is becuase I have no idea!)

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  1. Hey!
    The blue creature is an Uglydoll creature :)

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