Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Con Day Two

Day Two at Comic-Con was pretty awesome! Well the booth did well, we had a guest celebrity neighbor, and yours truly channeled his inner manga character...

Our neighbors, The Blood Factory, had a special guest: none other than Danny DeVito, who is actually one of the architects of the new horror "Splatter Cuts" site.

DeVito sliced and diced guests to sheer delight and caused Elite security to create a line so that the crowd could not block the aisle.

The thing that I had never done in Comic-con is dress up for it... That changed today when I donned the make-up of the all evil one, Johannes Krauser II (From SDAFF Extreme film Detroit Metal City). What can I say? I felt like singing "Satsugai" all day!

Then I found another new super cute character (Patrick Star, the starfish from Spongebob SquarePants!) Pretty cool stuff, and his assistant was really nice.

Also, Superman flew in! (Check out the blurring on the hands and face ha!) Leaping comic-con attendees in a single bound, Sups sure showed up well for himself.

The day did start off with a bang!.... Or should I say stab! (I know, bad, really bad horror humor)

Jason Vorhees showed up and did not look pleased when the registration folks messed up his paperwork, 15 minutes later and a few dismember volunteers later... Jason is in line for Twilight swag... (ha! kidding! if only that were true...)

What a great day to be a fan!

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