Sunday, July 26, 2009

THIRST: Quenched, with a desire for a little more spritzz

Jini's THIRST has been quenched........!

Still reporting from Seoul, Korea, Jini has found the single venue in a college-town theater that still plays Park Chan Wook's THIRST.

even better... it was a midnight showing!!

No problem for that here-- even though it was a bit too far from the place I'm staying, Korea's night life is pretty vibrant especially in the summer. There were plenty of 24hr places that me and my two friends can chill (attempt to get a wee nap) until metro opens again at 5:30 in the morn'.

Personally, I have had such anticipation for this film. For weeks prior, I've been visiting the film's official site, watching the trailer (and making others watch too) and listening to the OST on loop. I was thrilled to find out that I was still able to watch it on a big screen, with good sound system. It was probably the anticipation... that made me think up too much about the film on my own. I had created my own images and plotline in my head that the film could not satisfy nor overpower my bizarre imagination regarding the film...

I liked it, but I'm not madly in love with it. It still had Park's stylish, vibrant morbidity (oxymoron, I know) within the film's visuals and plotline. Yet it did not top the effect that OLD BOY had on me. Sorry, this after-thought report is a little too wordy, yet vague... just like how there are mixed reviews everywhere regarding the film...!

I'll just sign-off by leaving a lil pic. Here's me before entering the theater... trying to keep calm, while inside I'm goin-- "Oh my gaaaaddd I'm about to watch THIRST!!! !@#$%^&!!"

(pointing at the screen above. Can you tell that it's the poster for THIRST?)

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