Monday, July 27, 2009

Seoul Int'l Animation and Cartoon Festival!

"In Korea, genres like animation and cartoons are not highly valued and belittled by the mass audience--" explained my friend, Sun-Mi. It's probably due to people's impression that comic book authors spend hours and hours drawing in the room like a hermit, but the success very hard to achieve and financial gain extremely meek...

so festivals like this is good to promote how much advanced the animation genre has become now, and we all know that animation these days are very impressive-- just gotta give the public a chance to see it for themselves.

Here's a short overview video I put together. Excuse the shaky camera moves. (it's the director's style...?) Enjoy!


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  2. That's really cool! What have you seen at the festival?

  3. I got to see a compilation of animations from European countries (a lot from France). But some were done by Pixar-- They were all really creative. Really entertaining and innovative!
    if you want :]