Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic-Con Day Three and Four

Wow! Saturday and Sunday flew by so fast, I could not update the blog fast enough!

While my neighbors at The Blood Factory Continued to wreak havoc and mayhem (the good kind), I was still trying to find my way around the con floor and see even more cool sights.

There was a lot of great panels on Saturday, including the amazing True Blood panel, where Alan Ball started what could become a war of words between his show and Twilight. Ball stated that True Blood's vampires are "real vampires". I would love to see a cage match between Bill the Vampire and Edward Cullen... Go True Blood!

There were more cool costumes, including this amazing Hulk that was a hit in the hall.

Also, there was another cute animal-thing on the floor.
I have no idea what it is, so whoever knows, please comment so that I can continue my "pop-culture"education.

There was also a Scooby-Doo dude, who thought ahead and had pictures of himself to show how much he loves his beloved pooch alter-ego. The last two days of comic-con are always bittersweet, yes, Comic-Con is great and fun and amazing, but, its also very exhausting and time consuming. This is one of the few truly amazing staycations possible in SD (with the exception that there is no outdoor activity involved). The best thing about comic-con for me is that there are other people in this world who love comics and popular art and writing; here there were no judgements for anyone on a personal level (although Twilight fans got the brunt of much criticism and hate). Comic-Con is a chance for the "geeks" and "nerds" to be "cool" (whatever that really means!). In my humble opinion, it's a nerd's world, and we are all enjoying the effects of that here in San Diego. Until next year, Ramen Chef Jimmy will be the last image we'll see of Comic-Con '09. Until next year....


  1. sounds too fun!! ahhhh- i'm so sad i missed it.
    but some pictures don't work! Please, I desperately want to see Ramen Chef Jimmy-!